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Exporting receipt PDFs from mobile devices
Exporting receipt PDFs from mobile devices

Help with exporting receipts from your email on mobiles / tablets

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In order to confirm your order Councils require an actual receipt / invoice to be uploaded to Rebately. That’s easy if you can access your email on a laptop or desktop – just save the attachment to a folder then upload to Rebately. If you are working solely on a mobile device you may not know how to export the file for upload … read on to find out how.

First up – you need to have email set up on your device. Without that you will not have access to your actual receipt/invoice. A confirmation screen from the online shop is not suitable, so please do not upload a screenshot of that. If you do not have email set up on your mobile device you need to have the receipt emailed to a desktop or laptop you have access too.

Once you have the receipt – either as an attachment or within the body of the email follow these steps:

Apple iPhone / iPad (latest iOS 15.6)

Open the file (or email) you wish to convert to a PDF document ...

  1. Tap the Share icon.

  2. Select Print. (its the last one so scroll all the way!)

  3. Tap Print again.

  4. Tap Save to Files.

  5. Select iCloud Downloads (or save to your Phone anywhere you like)

  6. Tap Save

  7. Return to Rebately and tap the Select photo from gallery area

  8. Tap Choose File

  9. Tap the file (it will be the first one top left in the recent files gallery displayed)


Open the file or Web page you need to print to PDF.

  1. Tap the three vertical dots icon on the top-right.

  2. Tap Print.

  3. Tap Select printer.

  4. Tap Save as PDF.

  5. Tap the Save icon.

  6. Now you can select the place where you want to save the file and tap Save.

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